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Detention Pond


Ponds are a great asset, adding tranquility and beauty to a property. A retention pond is helpful for those properties that are always holding water. They can be used to feed livestock or be used as a fishing hole. Detention ponds, on the other hand, are for those properties that need water to slowly soak back into the ground. It is a temporary storage area for rainwater to prevent flooding.

Determining which pond is right for your property depends on what purpose you need to store the water. JR Pool Plastering has the skill and expertise to come in, grade the property, and build a detention pond that will direct rain overflow away from residential areas. Whether it’s needed for a private lot or an entire subdivision, we can help.

Not sure which type of pond you need? It all depends on your landscape and the desired function.

Detention Pond vs. Retention Pond

There is a distinct difference between a detention pond and a retention pond.

  • Detention Pond – As the name suggests, a detention pond, also called a dry pond, detains water by gathering storm water runoff and releasing it back into the ground. These ponds are used to help control the rate of water flow using a control device. An outlet pipe is placed at the bottom of the pond’s elevation to allow the pond to drain dry at a predesignated rate.
  • Retention Pond – While a detention pond only detains water long enough to release it back into the ground, a retention pond does the exact opposite. It holds water permanently. The outlet is placed above or at the chosen pool elevation. If the volume of water rises above the outlet, it is then transferred into the outlet and removed from the pond.

Control Erosion and Protect the Environment with a Detention Pond

Storm water management is important for communities and the environment. Municipalities often need detention ponds to wick away storm water along roadsides or in residential areas in order to protect homes. With the help of a dry pond, storm waters can be diverted in a controlled manner. Stream banks benefit from having flood water caught in a pond as it protects important minerals from being whisked away.

Choose a Houston Detention Pond Company You Can Depend On

Whether it’s needed to protect a municipality, subdivision, or private property, JR Pool Plastering will work with you to determine the best area to construct your detention pond. We have worked and served in Houston and surrounding areas for over 30 years. Give us a call today.

Call us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. You can also request a quote online.

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