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When Is It Time to Replace Pool Tiling and Coping?

With spring just around the corner, now is a great time to think about officially opening your pool for the summer months. That includes conducting a good cleaning and general maintenance. Taking time to assess any damages your backyard haven may have experienced now will enhance your summer BBQs later. Issues like shifting ground may cause cracks in the basin. Hard water deposits can leave your tiling looking dull and lifeless. Coping is also affected by changes like a damaged bond beam, cracks, or erosion. Annual maintenance goes a long way in protecting your investment but there are times when DIY-ing is no longer feasible. When that happens, it is time to call in the experts.

Rejuvenate your watery oasis with help from the experts at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. Our team has the know-how and expertise to help you return your pool back into the watery retreat of your dreams. Stop putting off the chance to liven up your backyard and enjoy family gatherings again. We can help!

Tiling and Coping – When to Clean, When to Replace

Swimming pools are a huge investment, but it is more than a monetary one. A pool offers opportunities to gather with friends and family. Water is also a natural relaxer. It soothes the joints and flushes away the stress of a hard day. Cleaning the tile and coping around your pool is part of proper maintenance, but when is it time to stop cleaning and start replacing? Consider these instances:

  • Water Deposits No Longer Come Off: Dirt and deposits will develop at the water line, just like on your bathtub. There are two basic types of scaling that you can expect:
    • Calcium Silicate: This is a greyish-white deposit that is harder to remove because it has been there the longest. It often takes a pumice stone to remove.
    • Calcium Carbonate: This is white and can be removed with a splash of muriatic acid.

If you have scrubbed every year to remove these stains and notice that it is leaving the surface looking dull and lifeless, then replacing the tile may be a good idea.

  • Several Cracked or Broken Tiles: With proper maintenance, your tiles can last for several years. However, if you notice you have any cracked or broken ones, there may be a bigger issue at hand, like a crack in your basin. Having an experienced Houston contractor inspect your pool can make the difference in an easy repair and an expensive fix.
  • Structural Damage to Coping: If there has been ground shifting from erosion or other causes, the coping around your pool may be damaged. To save the integrity of your oasis, replacing it may be necessary.

Hire an Experienced Tiling and Coping Contractor in Houston

Stop nursing along broken or damaged tiles and coping when you can rejuvenate it instead. The experienced professionals at JR Pool Plastering & Gunite have been serving Houston area homeowners and contractors for over 30 years. We can rebuild, restore, and install swimming pools, including tiling and coping. Our team can make your dream a reality.

Call us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team about replacing or upgrading the tiling and coping on your pool or request a quote online.

Update Your Houston Backyard with Swimming Pool Renovation

When you look out over your backyard, are you excited to see your pool? Does the azure blue water call to you or do you think things are just ho-hum? As time goes by, your outdoor water haven gets hit by weather, causing it to lose its luster. Instead of throwing up your hands in exasperation, why not consider a professional swimming pool renovation?

One of the easiest ways you can improve your dull backyard oasis is by updating different aspects of your pool. The experts at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. have the know-how and expertise to help you get the watery retreat of your dreams. Avoid settling for the same-ole, same-ole with a renovation project.

Areas to Focus on with a Swimming Pool Renovation

Not sure what you can do to enhance your pool area? The options are almost endless. Here are a few areas you can start your renovation with:

  • Replace the Tile and Coping: One of the most important parts of your pool system is the tile and coping. It functions to keep water in and not falling behind the basin. It is also an easy type of fix that can liven up your pool. For example, you can choose to upgrade to a different coping edge or use flagstone or slate in the tiling.
  • Change Up the Decking: The decking ties your pool into your home and landscape. If you have made changes to the exterior of your house, the backyard may stand out instead of enhancing your property. Changing the decking can create a fluid switch from outside to inside. You can consider a few different types of materials.
    • Concrete is very common but it does not mean you are relegated to boring grey. Today’s concrete can be tinted in a variety of colors.
    • Pavers give you optional looks like cobblestone, granite, tile, and bricks. This choice provides excellent flexibility and is a low cost option.
    • Stone has an impressive assortment of shapes and sizes to choose from. Quartzite, sandstone, limestone, or travertine are just a few of the options.
  • Retaining Walls: If you’ve noticed some erosion, a retaining wall can help move water away from your pool. It can also give you privacy or additional seating.
  • Water Features: Add some additional enjoyment to your pool setting with a waterfall. Sitting near the gently churning water is a relaxing way to spend an evening.
  • Spa: Instead of traveling to spend the day at a spa, make a 30-second commute to your private spa in your backyard. Let the hot water relax your aches and pains away.

Hire an Experienced Swimming Pool Renovation Contractor in Houston

Renew and rejuvenate your backyard into the oasis you intended it to be by hiring the experienced professionals from JR Pool Plastering & Gunite. Since the 1908s, we have worked with Houston area homeowners and contractors to rebuild, restore, and install swimming pools. Our team can make your dream a reality.

Call us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team about renovating your pool or request a quote online.

Reasons to Hire a Houston Pool Contractor Instead of DIY

In an age where do-it-yourself projects are all the rage, it might sound fun to build or renovate your swimming pool. The numerous television programs show everything from redecorating a room on a budget to building furniture or room additions. It can lead many homeowners into believing that they are qualified to take on a large project that includes moving earth and pouring tons of concrete. What is not understood is that there is a lot more going on behind the scenes.

Not all home improvement projects are the same. Avoid frustration and potential disaster when you hire a pool contractor to build your new backyard haven in Houston, TX. The professionals at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. can eliminate the obstacles and help you fulfill your backyard dreams.

5 Reasons to Hire an Experienced Pool Contractor

Stay cool this summer when you let the experts construct your watery oasis. Here are 5 reasons to not DIY your family’s swimming pool:

  • Meeting the Permit Process: The City of Houston requires a building permit before construction begins. If you don’t fully understand how to obtain the right building permits, you might be facing delays and hefty fines. Your contractor knows what’s needed and can quickly take care of the paperwork. They do this daily!
  • Following Building Codes: Each city has specific building codes. Some may require a pool contractor to do the work, thereby not giving you the option of putting it in yourself. The good news is that a professional will also make sure the construction follows the codes so that safety is maintained.
  • Saving Time: Building an aquatic escape takes time no matter who is doing the work. If you can only work on your project during off-work hours, it will take you exponentially longer than professionals that do this daily. They have crews that can get in and get things done promptly so that you can enjoy your investment quickly.
  • Money Savings: Because you may not know all the materials you will need or the potential issues that can arise, you can easily spend more going DIY than hiring a company. Additionally, you can easily make a mistake that later you will need a professional to fix, at a higher price!
  • Specialized Knowledge: Pool contracting companies spend every day excavating, shooting gunite, laying rebar, building retaining walls, and many other tasks. They have the specialized knowledge to complete the job safely and effectively if problems arise.

Choose a Trusted Houston, TX Pool Contractor

Installing a swimming pool is a fantastic way to enhance your property and enjoy fun with family and friends. Before you jump on the DIY bandwagon, call the trusted team at JR Pool Plastering & Gunite. For more than 30 years, we have served Houston area homeowners and builders. Our crews have the knowledge and experience to give you the backyard oasis you seek while saving you money, time, and frustration.

Contact us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite, Ltd. or request a quote online.


How Do I Prevent the Soil Around My Pool from Eroding? – Suggestions from Houston’s Trusted Erosion Control Contractor

Swimming pools bring years of refreshing enjoyment to homeowners, travelers, and communities. Nothing is more relaxing than an afternoon lounging around the fresh, blue water. For children, summer would not be complete without trips to the city pool to beat Houston’s heat. For all the pleasure they bring us, pools also require regular maintenance and a sharp eye for possible issues, such as erosion. The last thing anyone wants to face is a cracked basin because the ground around it shifted away, allowing water pressures to cause problems. When this happens, remedies can become increasingly expensive.

Nip potential problems in the bud when you seek the help of Houston’s trusted erosion control contractor at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Ltd. We have assisted many homeowners, businesses, and schools to keep their pools in tip-top shape with a variety of services. Let our team help you protect your investment so everyone can continue enjoying summer’s rite of passage…swimming.

Symptoms of Soil Erosion

When the soil around your backyard oasis erodes, your pool suffers the consequences. If you have any of these issues creeping up, there may be a problem with erosion:

  • Cracks in the basin. As the earth moves away, the pressure in your pool can cause a shift, resulting in cracks.
  • Water out of level. Water seeks its own level. When things are out of balance, you may notice that your deep end and shallow end are switching places!
  • Deck has settled. As the ground shifts, the decking will reveal new cracks and become unleveled, which can result in tripping hazards for users.

Common Solutions to Erosion Control

Settling happens throughout the lifespan of any structure. There are many ways to keep the soil where it needs to be. Here are a couple of solutions to consider:

  • Use Landscaping: This may be one of the easiest options for keeping dirt in its place. The root systems of plants and trees stabilize the earth and soak up excess water that tends to whisk soil away. This option works well along slopes and shorelines. Mulch absorbs water which helps keep your plants hydrated instead of running off with precious topsoil.
  • Retaining Walls: A retaining wall will keep dirt where you want it and funnel water away from your pool. Because they are installed a few inches below ground level, they can prevent surface runoff. Another advantage of a retaining wall is extra seating. What better way to provide a place to sit that is also functional?

Work with an Experienced Erosion Control Contractor

Protect your backyard haven and stop the erosion before it destroys your investment. The experts at JR Pool Plastering have helped homeowners and contractors for over 30 years keep their pools in fantastic shape with installation, remodeling, and restoration services. Trust our skilled craftsmen to keep the dirt in place, so you can enjoy your pool for years to come.

Call us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team about controlling erosion on your property and around your pool. You can also request a quote online.

Fall in Love with Your Backyard…Again! – Pool Renovation by Houston’s Trusted Pool Contractor

Many of us dream of owning a pool. We might imagine lazy summer days lounging around crystal blue waters, sipping an icy beverage, and taking a dip to cool down from the sun’s burning rays. Images of family get-togethers, neighborhood parties, and intimate gatherings often tickle our daydreams. For those who decide to install a pool, the first years are great! They may even be called the honeymoon years. Eventually, the newness wears off, and the effects of the weather take their toll. Decking starts fading, tiles crack, or the homeowner becomes bored with the overall appearance of their once beloved retreat.

Don’t despair and think that you have to live with this dilapidated pool forever. Sometimes a facelift is all that is needed to renew the spark. The experienced and dedicated team at JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite Ltd. understands your frustration and can revive an old, worn out pool into a beautiful haven once again with a little renovation.

5 Ways to Renovate Your Watery Oasis

Remodeling can be as simple or complex as you choose. Depending on the needs of your family, here are five ways you can take your pool from drab to fab!

  • Resurface: Make a statement with re-plastering. You can choose to set off the water with a wide range of colors. The plaster can make the pool blend into the landscape to give a cohesive view, or it can provide that extra “pop!” that draws people to it. The choice is yours.
  • Update the tiling: As an unsung hero in your oasis, the waterline tile provides an easy way to keep things clean. It is also one of the most visible features, so consider replacing the tiling with new colors that enhance your existing landscape.
  • Add a water feature: Some may argue that a swimming pool is a water feature itself; yet, the sound of a waterfall is refreshing and relaxing to many. The options are practically endless and can include natural stone to give a whole new dimension to your escape.
  • Replace the decking: Does your decking look like it came out of the 80s? Kiss the past goodbye with updated and natural materials such as flagstone. There is a myriad of different textures and colors of materials to bring your backyard into the 21st
  • Install new coping: Another hero that is often overlooked is the coping that runs around the edge. This functional asset protects by preventing water from landing on the backside of the shell. It also provides a visual tie-in between the decking and the water.

Choose an Experienced Houston Contractor for Your Pool Renovation

Fall in love with your swimming pool and backyard again with a pool renovation. Since 1980, JR Pool Plastering & Texas Gunite has served Houston area contractors and homeowners with installation, remodeling, and restoration of their aquatic oases. Let our years of experience rejuvenate your backyard haven.

Call us at 713-729-5014 to speak with our team about renovating your pool or request a quote online.